Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Beyond

For individual Bar Mitzvah Lessons with Rabbi Deren click here. 

So the story goes as follows:

Three Rabbi's were disucssing problems they were having in their Synagogues with rats!
The first Rabbi says I managed to get all of the rats into a trap, put them in my car drove them up the freeway 100 miles, and dumped them on the side of the road. When I returned they were there again.
The second Rabbi says I had the same problem so managed to trap them into a container and drove them all up the freeway 500 miles! When I got back lo and behold the same rats were there in the Synagogue.
The third Rabbi says you weren't thinking cleverly enough, I got all of the 100 rats that were in my Synagogue got each one up on the Bimma and made them have a barmitzvah and since then I haven't seen them since. 

At Chabad Maple Hebrew School we believe that the Bar/ Bat Mitzva is by no means the end of a childs Jewish Education. In fact it is just the beginning... 

For this reason we launch this year "Bar Mitzvah and Beyond". Advanced Jewish learning, educational workshops, theme based crafts and outings, interactive discussions, volunteering, and fun. 


Bar Mitzvah and Beyond (Fee: $210 - $180 for current/former Hebrew School Students)
Boys Ages 13 – 15

Bi-monthly meetings for post Bar Mitzvah Boys.

Two Wednesdays a Month 3:30 – 4:30 At Chabad of Maple

November 5, 19 - December 3, 17
January 7, 21 - February 4, 18
March 11, 25 -April 15, 29 - May 6, 20


Bat Mitzvah and Beyond (Fee: $120- $100 for current/former Hebrew School Students)
Girls Ages 11 - 15

Monthly Meetings on Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:45pm

December 3
January 7- February 4 - March 18
April 15 - May 13 - June 10 


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