The High Holidays are a soulful and refreshing time, an opportunity for each of us to "plug in" for a Jewish Boost– a sort of "recharge" of our spiritual Batteries. Each Year we at Chabad of Maple are deeply uplifted by the sense of spirit and warmth so tangibly felt within your presence.

COVID-19 arrives and everything has changed. Our priority has become ensuring the safety and well-being of our families. During this prolonged state of "Distancing",now more than ever, we yearn for the soulful re-connection that is the High Holidays. What will be?

We’re proud to present the same High Holiday Service you’ve come to Love in a Gorgeous, Brand New, Safe,Outdoor Setting! Our goal is to provide you with a safe service that you are comfortable to attend.

Please note the Primary Services which will take place in an Outdoor Tent at NRA - New Renaissance Academy at 9500 Dufferin Street and the other RH Services which will take place back at Chabad of Maple Shul at 9960 Dufferin Street Units #4-5.

 Due to Covid-19 Restrictions advance registration is required to attend services.

Rosh Hashanah

Friday, September 18

Classic Evening Services 

6:30pm @ Chabad Maple 

Shabbat, September 19

Classic Morning Services

9:00am @ NRA 


Mincha / Arvit 

6:30pm @ Chabad Maple 

Sunday, Deptember  20

Classic Morning Services

9:00am @ NRA 

Children's Service

11:30am @ NRA 

Sounding of the Shofar

11:45am @ NRA 

Mincha / Late Shofar / Tashlich / Arvit 

6:30pm @ Chabad of Maple 


Yom Kippur
All Yom Kippur Services are at New Renaissance Academy 

Sunday, September 27

Kol Nidrei / Fast Begins



Monday, September 28

Classic Morning Services


Children's Service


Yizkor Memorial Service


Mincha / Maftir Yona


Neilah (Closing Services)



Final Shofar Blast/ Fast Ends


Havdalah / Communal Break-Fast




Simchat Torah
At Chabad of Maple - 9960 Dufferin Street

Shabbat, October 10 

Simchat Torah Hakafot

7:30 pm