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Purchase a Lulav and Etrog

  • Order Your Lulav and Etrog Set and other Sukkot Needs

    This Year you can also order Aravot for Hoshanot and bundles of Cedar Schach for your Sukkah - All orders must be in before Yom Kippur to Guarantee Availability.
  • All Lulav orders must be in before Yom Kippur and can be picked up between 9:00 and 11:00am on Sunday, October 13th. Contact Rabbi Deren for alternative pick up times.
  • Every day of Sukkot (except Shabbat) we take the arba minim , a.k.a. "four kinds." Sukkot is a seven-day holiday starting on 15 Tishrei and concluding on 21 Tishrei.

    What are the four kinds? A palm branch (lulav) , two willows (aravot) , a minimum of three myrtles (hadassim) and one citron (etrog) .

    Not all sets of arba minim on the market are kosher. You can check with Rabbi Deren or place your order above. Your Kosher Lulav set will include a full set of a Lulav Etrog, Hadasim, and Aravot.

    And treat your set with TLC; they're fragile goods!

  • Bundles of Fresh Cedar Schach for your Sukkah

    This year, You can order Bundles of Fresh Cedar Branches to be used as Schach for your Sukkah. Orders Must be placed before Yom Kippur.
  • Hoshanot

    Sets of 5 Aravot for Hoshana Rabba will also be available for Purchase through Chabad of Maple. Please place your order below.
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