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Thursday, 10 March, 2016 - 4:00 pm

We are overjoyed that a Torah Scroll is now being written in Israel; the very first being written for The Chabad Maple Shul. Shimon Ben Mordechai and Rivkah Bat Carrol welcome you to participate in this tremendous Mitzvah by dedicating a portion of this new Torah Scroll. Dedications can be made in memory of loved ones or in honor of friends and family members. Go to today to make a dedication.

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What better way to celebrate this Hakhel year, A year of Jewish Unity, than by dedicating our very first community Torah Scroll!

Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life. Its contents are perfectly intact—the exact same words that we received together as a people some 3,300 years ago-transcribed by Moses from G-d Himself.

The original scroll was kept in the Holy Ark, and an additional scroll was gifted to each of the twelve tribes. From these original scrolls, additional Torahs were transcribed in precise detail, generation after generation, in an unbroken chain to Sinai.

Despite years of upheaval and suffering, not one of the Torah’s 304,805 letters has been lost or changed; the words we read in the synagogue today are the exact words recorded by Moses.

The final Mitzvah in the Torah is for everyone to write a Torah Scroll. By dedicating a letter, word, or verse for yourself, your children, family members or friends, it is as if you have written your own Torah Scroll. In addition, this Mitzvah brings G-d’s blessings to your family, in your home and business.

In our tradition, no letter is more important than another. Just as every letter in the Torah is indispensable—if even one letter is missing the Torah is invalid—so is every member of the Jewish people essential to our wholeness as a nation. Hence, by participating in the creation of this Torah, you will not only have a lifelong remembrance, but in a very special way you are signifying that you are one with the Jewish nation, one with tradition, one with our destiny.

As our community Torah scroll nears completion -G-d willing in September 2016- we will have a joyful ceremony to complete the final letters and to welcome the new sacred addition to our community. Each person who participates by making a dedication will be honored with writing a letter at this special ceremony.

We welcome your participation in this special Mitzvah. Please visit to make a dedication today.

Rabbi Chezky Deren 
Chabad of Maple

All contributions made to Chabad of Maple are Tax Deductible.

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