Bar Mitzva lessons are at Chabad of Maple - 9960 Dufferin Street Unit 4 (in the LCBO Plaza on the SW corner of Dufferin St. and Major Mackenzie Dr.) on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoon / evenings.

Please fill out this registration form below to the best of your ability. Upon reciept of this form I will contact you and arrange the lesson times.

For questions or help filling out the form please contact Rabbi Chezky Deren  647.883.6372 or  

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Payment & Fees: 

The cost per a lessons is $40. Regular lessons are half hour. At the initial meeting we will disscuss the number of lessons needed. (Longer 45 minute lessons are available for $60)



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Fees's for lessons are due at the beginning of each month.
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For help filling out the form please contact Rabbi Chezky Deren 
647.883.6372 or